The EVO has landed

The EVO has landed...

Things are really shifting up a gear, here at Empire Cycles, freshly created this past week, with lots of love, care and attention, and seen here for the first time, is the new MX-6 Evo swingarm.

The casting on this little beauty has a very unique 2.5mm wall thickness, real cutting edge stuff, and extremely difficult to create without some serious know-how and expertise!

The next process for this prototype gem is to go through the final machining process - it has already been thoroughly x-rayed, heat treated and undergone rigorous crack detection.
Finally it will be inspected on our hi-tech coordinate measuring machine, to ensure it's perfect in every way.
Here at Empire Cycles we believe there are no boundaries, and the MX-6 Evo is no exception to that rule!
Evo Swingarm

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