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Thank you for choosing an Empire. Your bike has been designed, manufactured and assembled to the highest of standards. This limited warranty explains what you are entitled to should you have any problems with your Empire, and how to make a valid claim. You are advised to read the information provided in full prior to using your Empire frameset or bike. This website warranty statement may be updated and altered by Empire Cycles Limited at any time. On purchase of an Empire bike and prior to making a warranty claim, the Empire website should be checked for current and valid information.

Empire Cycles Limited warrants each new Empire bicycle frame and Empire components against defects in workmanship and materials for the following periods from the despatch date to the original owner:

Model Year/s
AP-1 2

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective frame or component part and only applies to a bicycle purchased from Empire Cycles Limited or an agent authorised by Empire Cycles Limited. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is therefore, non-transferable.

All parts not manufactured by Empire Cycles Limited (e.g. suspension forks, rear shocks) are covered by the stated warranty of their manufacturer.

On Purchase

Please keep your proof of purchase/original invoice safe as it will be required in the event of a claim. Proof of identity will also be required in the event of a claim.

Please note, this warranty procedure does not replace any legal or contractual agreements between you and your bicycle agent.

Making a Claim

For any warranty claims, contact Empire directly. It is likely that photos or an assessment of the actual product will be required before a decision can be reached. Empire Cycles Limited will not assume any shipping charges for warranties or repairs although if a claim is deemed valid, reimbursement of these costs will be provided at the discretion of Empire Cycles Limited.

If the warranty claim is deemed valid, repaired or replaced parts will be issued directly or via the agent.

Where problems exist with non-Empire manufactured parts or components, contact should be made with Empire Cycles Limited directly.

Useful Product Lifecycle

Like with anything, the treatment a product receives will affect its lifecycle. Empire bikes are made for the purposes noted below (‘Ride Guide’). If you subject the bike (and yourself!) to other types of challenges, you do this at your own risk and your bike’s warranty becomes invalid. These activities include: collision, crashing, trick riding, riding with heavy loads, commercial activities, excessive speed, ramp riding, aggressive riding, riding on severe terrain, and riding in severe climates. Any one of these activities and other non-standard uses of your Empire bike can substantially shorten the useful product lifecycle and result in an unpredictable failure. Basically, this warranty becomes void if any bike damage or failure is due to accident, abuse, collision impact (e.g. flared head tube) or neglect.

All Empire bikes and framesets should be checked before every ride and periodically serviced by a qualified technical specialist. This will allow you to spot the indicators of stress and/or potential failure: cracks, deformation, corrosion, surface damage, or dents. If any indications exist, the bike must not be ridden and should be taken to a qualified technical specialist for safety checks and advice. Riding a defective bike will shorten its useful product lifecycle and may result in accidents as well as injuries to the rider.

To allow your Empire bike to function optimally and extend its lifecycle, regular, appropriate maintenance is recommended.

Ride Guide

The following table outlines what purpose each of the Empire bikes is designed for:

Model Purpose
AP-1 Downhill
MX6-EVO All mountain / cross country

Recommended Geometry and Parts

Whether you have purchased an Empire frameset or full built bike, it is important that whenever parts are added or replaced, the following recommended geometry and specification is respected. The use of any other parts or accessories will invalidate your warranty.

Model Maximum fork travel Fork Angle
AP-1 200mm 65 degrees
MX6-EVO 160mm 66.5 degrees

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty excludes claims for problems due to normal wear and tear of the product, improper assembly (e.g. crossed bottom bracket threads), neglect of maintenance, user modifications, or installation of parts and accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle as sold (e.g. fitting suspension forks with longer travel than the recommended maximum).

Consumable components including: hanger, axels, chain device, bushes, bearings, guide rollers; are also excluded as they are subject to wear and tear. Incidental or consequential damages are also not the responsibility of Empire Cycles Limited. Where the owner is not the original purchaser of the bike, a warranty claim is not valid.

Any modifications to the original paintwork will invalidate the warranty.


After any type of crash or collision, you should check your frame for any indications of stress and potential failure. If you identify a problem and believe it may be repairable, you are welcome to email a picture to Empire Cycles Limited. We will then contact you with our recommendation regarding the possibility of successful repair and an estimate of the costs. The process of repair (e.g. welding) can shorten the useful product lifecycle of your frame so we frequently recommend that you replace the frame, especially if the bike is over three years old.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original owner.