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Empire MX-6 - Frame
  • Empire MX-6 - Frame
So, the MX-6. This is the next generation product using the DNA of the AP-1: high single pivot point, needle roller bearings, use of precision castings and CNC machined components, and aggressive geometry. The MX-6 is an all-day-warrior, going up hill and down dale with ease. The MX-6 is the younger brother of the AP-1: the modified geometry and component construction produces a bike that offers killer all-day, all-mountain performance. The MX-6 is tough enough to be thrashed downhill but can allow a rider to sprint uphill without excess weight. In this sense, it is an enduro product that can be raced all day. Of course, the MX-6 is designed, tested and manufactured in the UK.



The MX-6 frame uses the same precision sand cast seat tower as the AP-1, because it is has proven to be invincible and timeless. The main frame and swing arm are of a different construction to the AP-1. The swing arm is machined from solid 6082T6 billet aluminium that starts life as a 40kg block. After many machining hours, the finished component emerges weighing just 1kg and has more in common with an aircraft component than your average mountain bike. This is, as far as we are aware, the only fully-machined swing arm in production anywhere in the world. This is a costly process but produces a unique component that has repeatable strength and performance characteristics. The headstock and back bone are also machined from solid billet aluminium. The aluminium

box-section links the back bone and headstock together with minimal welding (four hand-welded TIG fillets). The frame components are blasted with aluminium oxide/glass beads and then anodised for a tough, durable finish.


The headstock is the current tapered standard type: 55.9mm diameter bottom cup with a 43.95mm top cup. This allows the stiffest single crown forks in the market to be fitted. We have designed it to use flush fit headsets so that the most options are available for alterations to geometry with external headset configurations.

Shock Absorber Mounts

The lower shock absorber mounts are not welded to the swing arm. Instead, they are bolted on to allow for different geometry arrangements. For example, mounts with a rearward offset will produce a slacker fork angle more suited to downhill riding. The same MX-6 rider may later select an alternative mount for a cross-country route, simply bolting this in position. Additional mounts will soon be available via the ‘Spare Parts’ link.

Rear Wheel Mounts

The MX-6 is equipped to fit 135mm or 142mm rear hubs with a 12mm Maxel. This means you can take a standard wheel from any mountain bike that has a 12mm axle and fit it straight to the bike. This is perfect for upgrading to a frame purchase and offers further options for MX-6 users.


The MX-6 utilises full-compliment needle-roller bearings, manufactured by INA. These bearings are the best available for the pivot because they are designed to take high loads in a reciprocating motion. The MX-6 swing arm rotates through 25 degrees in its action. The force from this movement is spread across all of the needles within the bearings resulting in precise, reliable service throughout their considerable life.

High Single Pivot

A high single pivot was selected for several reasons. It will yield a rearward wheel action for the first half of the suspension channel resulting in excellent high speed compression damping. Secondly, the position of the pivot results in a linear rising rate of the geometry (so it does not clash with the shock absorber tuning). Thirdly, the widest possible positioning of the bearings is obtained for a super stiff pivot arrangement. Finally, the rearward axel path of the rear wheel matches the rearward axel path of the front wheel thus maintaining the wheelbase dimensions. This results in increased stability.

1:2.7 Ratio Rising Rate

The geometry of the swing arm was specifically designed around a 1:2.7 ratio so that the rear shock absorbers can be optimally tuned.

ISCG 05 Mounts

The MX-6 is equipped with international standard chain guide 05 mounts allowing the user to fit their own choice of chain guide.

All Mountain Build Specification*


  • Anodised Main Frame machined from solid 6082T6
  • Anodised Swing Arm machined from solid 6082T6
  • Seat Tower - aircraft grade aluminium
  • Needle roller bearings, inner rings and seals
  • Maxel 142mm included
  • Dropout
  • Swing Arm shock mount and fasteners


Rock Shox Monarch RT3 200mm x 57mm with 22mm x 8mm fitting hardware

*This specification is subject to change

MX-6 Geometry

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